Beautiful Havana

Beautiful Havana is an educational tour created with the intent of giving Americans the opportunity to reminisce the about the historical and interesting city of Havana from its own people while also enjoying the warm and welcoming Cuban experience. The Beautiful Havana Tour offers 5 days /4 nights in the city of Havana. You will experience personalized white-glove services with a knowledgeable bilingual guide that will assist you throughout the trip.

For 5 days you will not only enjoy sampling authentic Cuban cigars, but you will learn how this world renowned product is actually produced. I don't know about you but riding through the streets of Old Havana in a vintage car will make you feel as if you were traveling back in time to the roaring 50's. Each day will mark a new experience as you will be immersed in history, architecture, music, culture, food, and much more.

Through the People-to-People program, Cuba Go Travels invites you to discover why Havana was chosen this year as one of the 7 wonders of the modern world.

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West by Cuba

It’s been said, its best in the west. For 8 glorious days you will get to explore the Western part of Cuba, so get ready because there is a lot to experience. With this West By Cuba tour, you will have the chance to visit almost half of the country. Starting from Havana, where you will enjoy a welcoming night at the magnificent Cabaret Tropicana. Don’t drink too much mojitos (well if you must be remember you were warned he-he-he) because on the following day, our knowledgeable bilingual guide will pick you up in a vintage car and take you around the famous Malecon, the colonial buildings of Old Havana, the United States Embassy in Cuba, and much more.
Make sure to get your cameras ready as we take you to Viñales Valley and Las Terrazas in Pinar del Rio, where you will interact with nature like never before. From tropical rainforests, to the plantation of the famous Cuban cigar this will be a nature experience like no other.

Time for a little relaxation. Onward to our next destination… Varadero! Many people know Varadero for its beautiful beaches and amazing night life. Our guide will make sure you visit the famous Beatles Bar, the Cuban rum museum, interact with local ceramic artists, and just have a good time.
We are not done yet. If you thought your trip was over, think again. We have even more. The city of Trinidad founded in 1514, has the finest Colonial constructions in Cuba. Take a walk around various museums, churches, mansions and plazas. Learn about the Afro-Cuban heritage and dance Salsa.

We are sure you will agree, West By Cuba is definitely a trip highlight you don’t want to miss.


Cuba a-la-Carte

Our Cuba a-la-Carte Tour was created to make sure you visit and do the things you like to do. You are in the driver’s seat. So here’s the deal. We know going to Cuba is a big deal, we get that so here’s what we are going to do for you. You will have available a set of places to go, activities to do, restaurants to sample, and experiences to create. Together with our travel consultants, you will have the chance of a lifetime to Create Your Own Cuban Experience. Whether you like history and architecture, or you’re a nature lover, or simply want to be emerged in the Cuban culture, we give you a host of different to choose from.

Analysis paralysis? Don’t worry if you don’t have any places in mind or can’t make up your mind. That’s why we’re here. Your travel consultant will ask a few questions about your interests and will suggest places we know you will enjoy. You even get to create a travel package and choose your own dates.

Cuba Go Travels is one of the few travel agencies that have been licensed by the US State Department and the Cuban Government to arrange educational trips to Cuba. Travel legally and safely to Cuba.

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