Cuban Visas

Why do I need a VISA? 

Along with your passport, you will need a Cuban VISA also known as a Tourist Card. You will be asked for this card once you arrive to Cuba. No worries! We will handle all paperwork for the VISA, letter of authorization and flight information.

The Cuban Visa has two parts. One will be taken from you by an immigration official upon arrival to Cuba. Make sure to keep the other part in a secure place as you will need it again when you departure. A U.S. Passport is required and must be up to date for us to be able to provide your Cuban Visa.

Download the VISA Application Form. Fill out the form and send it via email, fax, or mail. Contact us if you need help filling out this form.


What is People-to-People travel?

The People-to-People Program provides a rewarding educational experience like no other. You (U.S. Citizens) will be immersed in a full time set of incredible activities and interactions while in Cuba. This program also affords Americans with the opportunity to create their own People-to-People trips to learn about Cuban culture, architecture, nature and much more.

Through People-to-People travel, U.S. citizens will have the opportunity to see and experience things the average tourist won't. You will see first-hand advances in education and health, learn about years of history, experience public performances and even meet some influential people. With travel from the U.S. to Cuba being so regulated, Cuba Go Travels provides an opportunity to experience Cuba like no other agency.

People-to-People travel with Cuba Go Travels provides a license to travel, Cuban visa and secures a seat on a charter flight. We provide the safe and legal way to travel to Cuba.

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