6 must-see in Cuba

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Experience the real Cuba

The time has come to experience the real Cuba! Whether you watched the relationship between the United States and Cuba changing through the Cold War or you are just now learning about our neighbor only 90 miles south, your chance to truly experience the magic and rich culture of Cuba has arrived.

Now, there are innumerable reasons why you should visit Cuba. Between the historic sites that hold immense significance to the country’s past, the very much alive and moving music or the vast beaches, hills and mountains, you could get lost in the beauty of it all.

However, here are 6 must-sees if you’re planning to travel to Cuba.


With beautiful Spanish colonial architecture and its 2.1 million inhabitants, Havana is a definite must-see when you travel to Cuba. The city itself is a treasure trove of beauty and opportunities to really immerse yourself in Cuban culture. Sure, we could give you reviews of restaurants and hotels, but what you really need to experience in Havana is the Malecon.

The Malecon

The Malecon may have begun as a practical project, but it has most definitely evolved to be much more. Now, when you visit Cuba the Malecon is full of people and life. You can hear lively Cuban melodies and see real Habaneros dancing to the beat. Traveling to Cuba means you will fall right into a culture with a long and winding history and the personality to back it up.

Ernesto “Che” Guevara

Fast history lesson: Che Guevara had a prominent role in Latin American history through his involvement in several rebel movements in opposition to dictators in power in various countries in Latin America. His involvement in the Cuban revolution was especially important and his close relationship to the Castros made him a major player. Now, when you visit Cuba, you will be able to go to the Ernesto “Che” Guevara museum and you will see countless depictions of Che throughout the country.


Sure, in Varadero you will be able to see magnificent beaches and the famous Beatles Bar, but it’s bursting with other exciting things to see. The nightlife in Varadero is simply amazing! You can dance your heart away to your favorite reggaeton, bachata or salsa and then step outside to hear the Cuban melodies that will really steal your heart. Travel to Varadero is an absolute must-do because, simply put: the Varadero House of Rum or La Casa del Ron Varadero.


So, you’ve heard of Cuban cigars, but I bet you’ve never seen the tobacco that is used to produce one of the better known products of Cuba. Travel to Viñales will allow you to see where much of that tobacco is grown. The biggest cigar brands in Cuba use tobacco from this region! Aside from being so important to Cuba as a whole, Viñales shows a different side of Cuba than Havana and will push you even deeper into the Cuban way of life.

Vintage Cars

Now, this is one of the more interestings things you will undoubtedly see while you travel in Cuba. On the streets, there will be vintage cars from the 1950s that have been maintained through imaginative innovation. For decades, it has been nearly impossible for Cuban citizens to purchase foreign cars or even parts to repair the ones they already have. These cars are part of the handprint the Castros have left on Cuban history and are both beautiful and historically telling for the country.

Traveling to Cuba will be the experience of a lifetime. You will dance until your feet hurt, drink traditional Cuban beverages until you’re dropping your Ss and Ds like a native Cuban and learn about Cuban history, culture and people. Traveling to Cuba isn’t just a vacation, it is a life changing experience.

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